Custom Solutions

Technology is changing the game and you can’t afford to stand still any longer. Every moment you wait, you’re getting left behind. Have your next project take you one step forward towards a corporate strategy and a well documented industry trend, that you can not afford to miss. 

  • Unprecedented custom solutions from fully customizable data, widgets and screens, to applying industry-leading technology
  • Reliable comprehensive data and service solution ecosystem delivered via our Cloud cloud platform
  • Distribution rights with major exchagnes translates into endless solutions possibilities and superior data integrity
  • Scalable solutions at a lower total cost of ownership

Interactive Charts

nFusion Solutions delivers a suite of integrated charting solutions which improve your clients experience. Having the industry power house, SIX Financial, behind our data allows us to give you comprehensive charting tools based on multitude of data configurations.

  • Intraday and historical market data
  • Data Overlays
  • Technical Indicators
  • Variety of chart types and features
  • Full customization based on your needs

Portfolio & Watchlist

You priority is enhancing your clients experience and engagement with your service so you stand out amongst competition. Our portfolio and watchlist tools enable you to attract more visitors to your site.

  • Intraday data
  • volume & range market data
  • holdings prices
  • full customi9zation based on your needs


Our top-notch engineering and software skills translate into you displaying high quality financial widgets on your site. You will be providing incredible value to your clients while we seamlessly take care of the backend delivery issues.

  • Screeners, data snapshot, scrolling banners, and countless more
  • Proprietary code ensures fastest load time
  • Seamless addition to your site by simply copying and pasting code
  • Full customization based on your needs and brand

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Multi-screen user interaction and mobile capabilities are no longer a cool trend, but essentials to any savvy business strategy. We make it easy for you by taking care of the entire process from the design to development. and deployment.

  • Top rated mobile apps
  • Multiple customizable tabs
  • Social media feeds
  • Full customization based on your needs and brand

Price Alerts

Providing relevant timely information to your clients is vital for engagement and retention. Delivering real-time alerts accomplishes that goal.

  • Deliver real-time data to your customers
  • Comprehensive experience across all digital properties (web, mobile, etc)
  • Email, SMS/Text, and mobile push notification
  • Branded messaging

Turnkey Solutions

Use us to fuel your growth and build your brand. Our innovative solutions will service your customer’s needs.

  • You don’t have to do it all yourself. Turning to nFusion’s ready-made solutions frees up your resources to grow the business
  • For our clients - we don’t just build a tool or a solution, we provide a comprehensive data and service solution ecosystem by transitioning clients to nFusion’s Cloud and SaaS platform or Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Easily add charts and widgets to your site to address the needs of your clients
  • Our ready-to-use visualization and integration tools enable you to go-to-market faster
  • And if you’re still not finding the right tool, we will provide a custom solution and in many cases we can build it in matter of a few weeks!


Our open architecture model allows for easy changes, updates, and additions - making for fast and nimble integrations with your business’ existing technology.

  • Flexible solutions to accommodate your existing platforms
  • Mobile responsive delivery framework
  • Scalable solutions for your business to control cost
  • Seamless integration with your system. nFusion handles data processing, API feeds, authentication, geo-replicated storage, and notification process


Delivery & Support

Improve your efficiency by leveraging our systems and making your business responsive to the ever-shifting market needs.

  • Central hub for validating, authentication and storing data
  • Reduce cost by using Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and SaaS infrastructure
  • Hassle free process for maintenance and upgrades of services
  • Support and expertise every step of the way. From route optimization and failover, to access control and widget framework, to analytics, custom calculations and web APIs
  • Data AND solutions delivered the way the client needs while accommodating regulatory rules