Top 3 E-Commerce Website Software Picks for Precious Metals Dealers

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Top 3 E-Commerce Website Software Picks for Precious Metals Dealers

Cutting-edge technology has become essential for success in the precious metals market! If you are trying to choose the best eCommerce software for your website so you can sell gold, silver, and other precious metal bullion online, you already know how important this is. You need expert help. You’ve come to the right place because that is exactly what we are here at nFusion Solutions.

The rise of the internet has made it possible to reach potential buyers across the globe. This is great news! The other side of that, though, is that every other precious metal bullion dealer in the world is now your competition. You can’t just put an “okay” website out there and expect to be successful. You are competing with the big guys! To put it plainly, your business needs the best eCommerce software you can find. An eCommerce solution is a specialized software that helps you sell online, in your case it helps you sell precious metal bullion. Choosing the right software for you will help make a real impression on buyers who come back again and again, and lots of money too. Choosing the wrong software will lead to frustration for you, confusion for your buyers, and a lot of people clicking away from your website. Don’t do that to yourself!

You don’t need any special tech skills because this software is designed to give you all the tools you need, in an easy to understand manner. Here are our top three picks:

#1 WordPress with WooCommerce. We feel this solution is the top for you and your future buyers. It truly is the best! In fact, it is often voted the best self-hosted eCommerce software thanks to its flexible design. This software keeps your payments safe and secure, offers many designs to choose from, and allows you easy access to real people when you’re in need of support.

#2 Magento. Magento has always been a close second to WordPress with WooCommerce. However lately, it has fallen a little further away and made the gap between number one and number two even wider. Why? Launching Magento 2 and making upgrades mandatory by dropping support for Magento 1.x was a mistake, in the eyes of our experts. In fact, many people shifted away from Magento and went to Shopify during this time, so we expect Shopify to soon take over Magento as a strong second choice. Magento 2 (M2) is now a very large, enterprise solution and just too complicated, too expensive, and has too much functionality for the average bullion dealer’s website.

#3 Shopify. Over a million businesses worldwide use Shopify and it’s easy to see why! No design or tech skills are needed. You have complete control over the look and feel of your website, and it’s a trusted brand name so your shoppers will feel safe putting their information in when they see the logo.

US shoppers spend hundreds of billions of dollars online. To grab a piece of that pie, you need an eCommerce solution. For all things related to your website, nFusion Solutions is here to help. Reach out to us at any time with questions regarding which software would be right for your website, how to integrate one of our real-time live gold price apps onto your site, and more. We’re here for you, with the solution you need to stay successful!