Data and technology solutions for the precious metals market

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Ranging from precious metals data feed APIs and gold price APIs to complex product pricing catalogs and gold price data feed APIs, our software solutions can do it all. And, because our data is licensed from multiple credible exchanges and our products are hosted in the cloud, they are the most reliable products on the market when you need up-to-the-minute live gold prices and live precious metal prices. 

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Precious Metals


Outputs on-demand, real-time precious metal spot prices, price summary data, intraday tick, and historical closing prices with data sourced from multiple highly credible global exchanges via our gold price API and precious metal API.

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Precious Metals


Live, interactive, and mobile-friendly custom-branded charts and pricing widgets. Help communciate market movements to your customers with intuitive graphics that are easy to read and understand.

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Precious Metals


A dynamic pricing calculator administration tool that displays metals products and calculates prices in one centralized view. Set product markups and minimums, easily adjust markups, manage tiered prices, and more.

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Precious Metals

Spot price alerts

Sends branded alerts and notifications to your customers based on their specific purchasing needs. Our software is scalable and integrates with email, text, and mobile applications thanks to our robust gold price API, gold data feed API, and precious metals live data feed.