Product Pricing CAtalog

A dynamic, real-time pricing engine that has the ability to lock in margins and mitigate risk. Enjoy peace of mind and the flexibility to expand your sales channels while maintaining pricing integrity and reliability. Our gold price API and precious metals API deliver up-to-the-minute data.

A screen shot of a precious metals data feed on a website

Product Pricing Catalog

Centralized Pricing Hub

With nFusion Solutions, you can synchronize your rates across all your digital properties from one central location. Input your products, prices, mark-ups, and commission, and our software will update prices in real-time as the market changes. We make managing multiple products easy with our gold price API and precious metals live data feed to customize your catalog.

Product Pricing Catalog


Your dashboard provides you with all relevant bullion product pricing information at a glance. View all your real-time bullion product prices in a clearly arranged list. Our Product Pricing Catalog (PPC) is fully integrated with multiple e-commerce channels via plugins, apps, extensions and robust suite of real-time price APIs and gold price APIs.

A screenshot of the product pricing catalog

Product Pricing Catalog


For as long as you’re using our products, we manage the software maintenance. We handle the technical side of things so you can focus on your business and your clients. And if you do run into a problem, our in-house support team will handle it quickly.