precious metals real time data feed

An easy-to-implement precious metals data feed API that outputs real-time data. From current prices to price summary data, to intraday ticks, to historical closing prices. Our metal price data API provides real-time data integration directly from global market data exchanges, providing professional grade reliable, and accurate data.

This at-a-glance live data feed has everything you need to maintain timely insights. From precious metals historical price data to immediate data capture, we can keep you in the know.


When it comes to the precious metals market, reliability is everything. You need a live data feed that consistently works. Hosted in the cloud and sourced from multiple reliable global data exchanges, our technology fits the bill.

Our live data feeds and metal price data APIs have built-in redundancies and internal monitoring. These factors are in place so that you don’t miss out on profit or get exposed to short-term price jumps.


Engineered to work for you, our extremely flexible designs allow for more creativity and creative freedom. Our precious metals live data feeds and precious metals historical price data offer reliable information for your customers.

Our real time data integration works with all industry standards for API integration. And while our data streams can be tailored to your needs, everything is prebuilt. This makes the live data feed useful from day one.


Real time data integration comes with a host of features and benefits. Some might be more applicable to you than others. However, here are some of the standout benefits of our live data feed:

Plus, our metal price data API powers our charts and widgets to put you in further control. Our charts and widgets are live, interactive, and mobile-friendly. From market movement price alerts to spot price synchronization, you have all the real time insights you require.

While using our precious metals data API gives you complete control, you may not want to build and maintain these services yourself, no worries, we have you covered by making use of our charts and widgets services, you’ll have a fully interactive suite of white labeled data. And all right at your fingertips.

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We provide real time data integration that benefits you. We are NOT a company that simply repackages data. By partnering with us, you’ll benefit from ongoing client interaction. Whenever you need us, we’re available for support.

We believe in consistency and reliability. This is as true of our metal price data API as it is of our customer service and support.

Reach out today and get started on your real time data integration.