Why nfusion Solutions?

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EVERYTHING WE DO, WE DO BETTER. When it comes to quality, functionality, customization, and service, our bullion software solutions are unmatched. Let us help you grow your business.


Expertise. reliability. service.

When you choose nFusion, you choose the best. We’re data and technology experts who understand the bullion industry inside and out. We know it’s crucial to have current, reliable data, provided through our precious metal data feed and gold price API, which is why we license our data from highly credible exchanges. We always have your back and we’re never going to leave you hanging. If there’s ever an issue, we’re here for our clients. We have a support team staffed by real humans who built our software ready to help.

Quick & Easy


Upgrade your website experience in minutes with our turn-key software solutions. You don’t have to be a computer programmer to implement our software. Many of our products are as easy to use as copy and paste, allowing you to get to market faster and scale quickly.

Peace of Mind

Risk mitigation

Don’t worry about service interruptions. We source our data from multiple credible exchanges, so there is no single point of failure. And because our data is hosted in the cloud, uptime is extremely high and you don’t have to worry about IT infrastructure.

Here to Help

excellent technical support

nFusion has in-house tech support, so if you have a problem, we’ll fix it fast. Not only do we have amazing products, but we also manage and maintain the technology, so you can be confident you will be in good hands.

Easy Mobile Integration


More people are accessing websites from their phones than from desktops. That’s why we’ve designed our software products to be mobile-friendly. Our products integrate easily with responsive design and with mobile apps, and all data comes from our robust precious metals and gold price APIs.

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From Our Clients


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The Best in the Business


We work with some of the most highly respected companies in the precious metals industry worldwide. We’re proud to have a long list of satisfied clients from the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand who rely on our products on an ongoing basis.