Say Goodbye to Guesswork: Precious Metal Data Feeds Offer Instant Price Info

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Are you looking to sell more precious metals? Stop making your customers guess and give them the information they need to buy: accurate real-time gold and precious metal pricing.

In such a volatile market with rapidly changing prices, your website simply must have a live price API with accurate data to survive. Otherwise, your customers will take their business where they can find the information they need to buy confidently.

We’ve created this guide to help precious metal dealers understand live gold price data feeds.

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What Is a Precious Metal API Live Feed?

In simplest terms, an API (Application Programming Interface) feed enables developers to create software applications that can interact with other software systems. API feeds provide access to live, real-time data that businesses can utilize in numerous ways to improve their products, services, and processes.

In the context of precious metals, a live API feed provides real-time pricing data for precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Customers use this data to make informed decisions about buying, selling, or trading precious metals.

Build Trust with Quality Precious Metal Data

No Guesswork

When it comes to the precious metals industry, there is no room for guesswork. Quality data is essential to building trust with your customers. Without accurate, real-time information, how can you confidently offer pricing to your customers? This is where precious metal data feeds come in.

No Third-Party Distribuitors

Many businesses in the industry rely on third-party distributors for their data, which opens them up to the possibility of inaccuracies and legal issues. But with a reliable precious metal data feed, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information is accurate and up-to-date.

Live Feed

One of the standout features of nFusion Solutions Precious Metals Feed is the unlimited, real-time gold price live feed and prices for silver, palladium, and platinum. This ensures that you always offer your customers the most current pricing.

Pricing History

It’s not just real-time pricing but historical data. With nFusion Solutions, you can access historical gold price data and historical pricing for other precious metals. This can be incredibly helpful for trend analysis and forecasting.

Always Up to Date

Using a reliable and accurate precious metal data feed, you can build trust with your customers and ensure that you always offer fair and up-to-date pricing. And with the various API options and integration with major eCommerce, ERP, and accounting applications, implementing a precious metal data feed is easier than you might think.

About nFusion Precious Metal Data

Things to Consider from Precious Metal Data Sources

Different providers may obtain their spot price data from various sources, such as reputable exchanges, financial institutions, or market data aggregators. Choosing a provider that accesses reliable and accurate data sources is essential to ensure the quality and integrity of the spot price information.
The frequency of real-time updates can vary among different API providers. Some may offer updates every few seconds, while others might have slightly longer intervals between updates. It’s crucial to consider the frequency that suits your needs, depending on the level of real-time information required for your business or investment activities.
Spot prices can be quoted in different currencies, and API providers may offer support for various major currencies. Ensure your chosen provider offers the currency support you require, primarily if you operate in multiple international markets.
Historical spot price data is valuable for conducting market analysis, backtesting strategies, and tracking price trends. Check if the API provider offers access to historical spot price data and consider the length and granularity of historical data available.
Some API providers offer customization options for spot-price features. This can include specifying predefined calculations, choosing specific date ranges, or applying additional metrics or calculations to the spot price data. Customization options allow you to tailor the spot price information to your specific requirements and analysis.
Have you ever wished you could automatically notify potential customers when the gold price hits a certain point? You can do just that with nFusion Solutions’ precious metal data feeds. Here’s why Price Alerts for Precious Metals can be a game-changer for your business.

Price Alerts are based on a live feed of spot prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. This means you can offer your customers up-to-date and accurate pricing information rather than relying on historical data or guesswork. Customers are likelier to trust and do business with you when you offer reliable pricing information.

nFusion Solutions’ Price Alerts come with embedded marketing copy and lead-generating offers. This means you can turn price alerts into opportunities to grow your business by including promotions, discounts, or other incentives in the notifications you send to customers.

Read more about price alert delivery >

Price Alert Delivery


Gold and precious metal price alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or mobile push notifications. This means you don’t have to monitor the live feed yourself — the alerts are automated and can be sent to customers wherever they are. This saves you time and ensures your customers get the information they need in real-time.


nFusion Solutions’ Price Alerts can be seamlessly integrated into your website or mobile app. This means customers can sign up for alerts directly on your site or app without going to a third-party site. This creates a more streamlined and professional experience for your customers.


Finally, nFusion Solutions’ Price Alerts are scalable and come with multiple feature sets to grow with your business needs. Whether you’re just starting or have a large customer base, you can find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Precious Metal API Charts and Widgets

Branded and customizable precious metal API charts and widgets are your new best friend when delivering the most up-to-date information on precious metals prices.

You can easily integrate precious metal data into your website or app using an API chart or widget, providing your customers with immediate pricing information. The chart or widget will automatically update with the latest prices, giving your customers peace of mind that they see accurate, real-time data.
API charts and widgets offer immediate pricing information and can also be customized to meet your specific business needs. You can choose which precious metals you want to display, the time frame of data shown, and the color and style of the chart or widget.

These tools help build trust with your customers, as they can see transparent and reliable information at their fingertips. With tailor-made price alerts, customers can set specific price thresholds for their desired precious metal and receive notifications when those prices are met.

nFusion Solutions Precious Metal Live Feed Features

Customizable Precious Metals API

At nFusion Solutions, we have created a precious metals API that will integrate with your website to create branded charts and widgets unique to your company. You can offer your clients anything from elegant thumbnail charts to full-page interactive intra-day and historical charts.

Every feature is fully customizable, so it perfectly matches the rest of your site. Our API for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium charts and widgets also allows for customizing market data options like:
Additional customizations are available for your charts and widgets’ styles, colors, and sizes.

Implementing a Precious Metal API


Implementing a live price precious metal data feed should be painless when you add immediate pricing information to your website or application. The nFusion Solutions API, for example, works seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce platforms and boasts a 99% uptime. With a simple script, you can begin providing real-time pricing information to your customers.


What’s more, implementing an API with nFusion Solutions is a scalable solution. Over time, you can add more services as your needs grow. This means you can get started quickly and easily, knowing you’ll have room to expand when necessary.


nFusion Solutions uses social authentication (G+, FB, Yahoo, or Windows) to validate and set up new user accounts within its service. This means that you don’t need to provide us with access to your system, and your customers can trust that their information is secure.

How Frequently Do Precious Metal Prices Change?

Economic Indicators

Precious metal prices are known for their frequent fluctuations in the market. These price changes occur due to a variety of factors and are driven by both global and local events, economic conditions, investor sentiment, and supply-and-demand dynamics. The volatility of precious metal prices has been a characteristic of the market throughout history.

Geopolitical Events

Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of price fluctuations. Economic indicators play a significant role, as factors like inflation, interest rates, and currency fluctuations can impact precious metal prices. For example, when inflation is high or when there is economic uncertainty, investors often turn to precious metals as a safe-haven investment, driving up demand and prices. Geopolitical events such as conflicts, trade disputes, or political instability can also create price volatility as they affect market sentiment and supply chains.

Pricing Trends of Different Precious Metals

Gold periodic table element.


Gold, often considered the most popular and widely traded precious metal, has a long history of maintaining its value. It has been sought after as a store of wealth and a hedge against inflation. In recent years, gold prices have experienced fluctuations but have generally shown an upward trend. 

Silver periodic table element.


Silver, known for its industrial and investment demand, tends to have greater price volatility compared to gold. 

Platinum periodic table element.


Palladium periodic table element.


Platinum and palladium, primarily used in the automotive industry for catalytic converters, have shown price fluctuations driven by factors such as changes in automobile production and environmental regulations.

History of Precious Metal Prices

Before the internet, precious metal sellers had to rely on traditional methods of pricing information. This included newspaper listings, phone calls, and price charts. Today, with the help of an accurate markup metal API and a real-time gold price data feed, precious metal sellers can access up-to-date pricing information at their fingertips.

The history of precious metals can be traced back to ancient times. People have been mining for precious metals for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and Rome all had their own mining operations, with gold and silver being the most popular precious metals throughout human history. Gold became popular thanks to its scarcity and unique luster. 

Mining Boom

In the 16th century, the discovery of silver in South America caused a significant drop in the value of silver and a boom in mining.


Major Discovery

In 1697, a major gold discovery was made in Brazil, causing the price of gold to plummet.


Increase in Gold Mining

The California gold rush in the 19th century led to an increase in gold mining and a drop in gold prices.


Paper Currency

The 20th century saw a shift towards paper currency, but precious metals remained an important investment for many.


Digital Currencies

In the 21st century, the rise of digital currencies has led to renewed interest in precious metals.

The history of precious metal pricing is a reflection of the world’s economic and geopolitical changes. Despite these fluctuations, gold and silver have remained valuable investments throughout history and remain essential assets in today’s markets.

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Implement Live Feeds from nFusion Solutions with Instant Precious Metal Price Feeds

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Implementing a precious metal API has never been easier than with nFusion Solutions. Our system allows you to seamlessly integrate precious metal price data where your customers will see it, and our expert team is here to support you and will work with you to create a customized solution that perfectly fits your needs, allowing you to integrate precious metal price data into your existing systems seamlessly.
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