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nFusion Solutions Launches Gold Price Feed Live

In The Cloud: How One Business is Transforming the Metals Market

Blaine, MN – August 4, 2016 – Precious metals dealers and wholesalers around the world are paying close attention to nFusion Solutions, as the growing company unveiled its new website this week, which includes a comprehensive overview of its services and an updated product line.

For years, nFusion’s clientele has flourished under its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach — something the company likes to refer to as its ecosystem. With the new site up and running, now the rest of the world can see what nFusion Solutions’ 50-plus metals industry clients have known all this time.

Working directly with its clients, nFusion offers interactive charts, a dynamic product pricing catalog service, customized mobile apps, widgets with real-time updates and gold price feeds for precious metals dealers and wholesalers. The company also recently launched its new Calculator product line and soon to deliver a Portfolio Management tool.

All this is done from the cloud, which means there’s no need to build or maintain an IT infrastructure, and nFusion can respond to shifting market requirements much faster than traditional on-site software. Prospective clients in the precious metals space don’t necessarily have an intrinsic understanding of the many advantages of SaaS business solutions, according to company co-founder Joe Bell.

“Our ecosystem visual on the new site illustrates pretty well how SaaS and cloud-based solutions are better than one-off, locally developed software,” he said. “This is due to the underlying components and infrastructure which already are in place to support our solutions.”

And the benefits of using an SaaS model go even further than that. Studies have shown that the low cost, flexibility, speed, and easy integration of SaaS has nearly three quarters of the world’s CIOs already using it.

“It’s not one of those things that’s easier said than done,” said Bell. “The advantages of SaaS are countless, but they’re difficult to explain without a consultation. Luckily for our clients, the actual implementation of a cloud-based approach could not be easier.”

In its sales process, nFusion’s staff aims to educate metals dealers about how their technology works, ensuring the clients understand why the nFusion Solutions approach is superior to the traditional one-time custom software development solutions.

“We have an extensive background in technology, and we’ve used that experience to appraise the latest SaaS and cloud-based approaches to business,” said Bell. “It truly is the best framework. Our new website really does a good job of informing our existing clients and prospective clients of the services and the ecosystem we’ve built specifically for their business needs.”

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